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June 6, 2009
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The morning sun started rising over from the horizon as the sunlight was hitting across from the forest trees and grassy hill fields. In this area of grass and trees there is a small house in the middle of two trees where Amy Rose lived. Even though the sun had already risen up she was already up and inside the bathroom changing.

“I wonder if Sonic will be coming today,” Amy asked herself “I hope he does come that way we can spend the day with each other.”

A few minutes later Amy Rose came out from the bathroom wearing a pair of white gloves, backed by very thick shiny golden ring bracelets, a flimsy red halter-top dress with white accents and a skirt that flares out towards the bottom with white under-netting that keeps the dress flared out, red boots with white stripe accents, metal soles and white collars, and her red headband that keeps her spines down.

She started walking down the hallway out towards the living room and then into the kitchen as she sat down in one of the chairs, placed her elbows on the kitchen table, and looked outside the window.

“Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day,” said Amy as she let out a happy sigh “I know Sonic will come today and if he doesn’t…I’ll just have to find him like always.”

Amy stood up from the chair as she went straight for the front door as she opened the door to leave. Once she closed and locked the door, Amy looked up at the sky to see a better view. Clouds were moving a little bit to the east with a nice cool breeze passing which Amy seemed to enjoy as she walked down the small steps of her house.

“Now to find Sonic…huh is that Sonic coming down this way,” Amy said as she squinted her eyes in the distance. “No that’s…Silver.”

Silver the Hedgehog was floating over towards Amy Rose using his psychokinesis powers as he floated down in front of Amy. He had on a pair of white gloves with gold cuffs with teal colored markings on the palms and back of the hands and a pair of navy blue, white, teal tipped boots with gold collars at the top to match his gloves with a red jewel like adornment under each collar.

“Hi Silver what are you doing here?”

“Hi Amy I came here to see you,” Silver said as he landed in front of her “I didn’t have any other thing to do plus Blaze had to go do some personal business so I thought about seeing you today.”

“Aw that’s nice of you Silver but I’m on my way to find Sonic but it was nice seeing you again.” As Amy waved bye to Silver she started walking on the grass looking for Sonic when Silver put his finger under his chin.

“Funny Amy I did see Sonic but when I saw him he was walking with Blaze. I guess that’s the personal business she was talking about…Amy?”

Silver turned around to see Amy had stopped walking and stood like a statue. He then saw Amy take out her Piko Piko Hammer and she started banging on the ground with anger. Silver gulped as he backed away from her slowly to release some of her anger which took about three minutes to release.

“Well that good to release my anger a little bit,” Amy said with a smile “Hey Silver guess what we can hang out together so let’s go.”

“S-Sure Amy.”

Amy smiled as she grabbed Silver’s right hand and started dragging him on the grass so they could have some fun together. For the past couple of hours Silver and Amy played games together, ran through some of the grassy fields, Silver took Amy for a little flying with his powers, and Amy chased Silver around because he was joking with her.

The morning had turned to the mid-afternoon and that’s when Amy was heading back to her house with Silver following her from behind. She and Silver were both sweating after all the fun they had together. Silver was going to going to go home but Amy insisted that he’d stay with her so he did.

“Ah it’s so good to be back home again after a day of having fun.”

Amy walked over to her sofa as she sat down at first then laid her back on the sofa and placed her feet on the arm sofa. Within seconds she had fallen asleep as Silver just watched and chuckled a little bit. He then saw Amy still sweating a bit so he used his powers to lift Amy up into the air a little bit.

He then used his powers to slip off Amy’s boots and socks revealing her bare sweaty feet with three toes on each foot. Silver walked and sat down close to the sofa arm as he placed Amy back on the sofa having her feet on his lap.

“Well since she’s sleeping I have I could still have some fun.”

Silver stuck out his tongue as he brought Amy’s left foot close to his face. He placed his tongue on her heel and started licking up and down her sweaty sole. Silver could taste the sweat on her sole but he didn’t care as he continued to lick up and down Amy’s left sole as she was sleeping.

He continued to lick up and down Amy’s left sole for about five minutes as Silver placed her left foot back on his lap, grabbed her right sole, and started licking up and down her sole just like he did with her left sole. A red blush appeared across Amy’s face as she moaned a little bit with Silver licking on her right sole.

“I guess she’s enjoying this when she’s sleeping.”

Silver licked on her right sole several times but when he licked up her right sole he started licking in between Amy’s three toes which she found to be relaxing as she moaned a little more loudly than before. Sliver chuckled slightly as he continued to lick in between Amy’s sweaty toes.

He continued for another five minutes and was enjoying every moment of it. He then stopped licking in between her toes as Silver opened his mouth slightly and started sucking on Amy’s middle toe and was enjoying it as well. He was enjoying this so much that he opened his mouth a little more wider and started sucking on all three of her toes.

“Mmmmmmm…that feels so good…mmmmmmmmmm.”

Amy wiggled her toes inside Silver’s mouth as he continued to suck on them. He then used his tongue to lick in between her toes so now not only was Silver sucking on them he was also licking on them as well. This continued for eight minutes this time as Silver placed her right foot back on his lap, grabbed her left foot again, and started sucking on her toes as well as licking in between her toes.

“Mmmmmmm…don’t stop…mmmmmmmm.”

Silver thought it was kind of funny to hear Amy murmuring in her sleep as Silver sucked and licked in between her toes. Even though her toes were sweaty he didn’t care as long as he was able to lick and suck on her toes. Amy’s moans were now louder but she was still sleeping because this was very relaxing to her.

Later in the evening Amy opened her eyes on the couch and stretched her arms. She then noticed that Silver had gone back home and that her boots had been removed from her feet. “I don’t remember taking them off…and I don’t remember my feet and toes being so sweaty bef-”

Amy stopped in mid-sentence when she released why her toes and soles were wet when a smile appeared on her face. She lied back on the sofa as Amy stared at the ceiling with that smile on her face.

“Thank you…Silver.”
I haven't done a story with Amy Rose in a while so here's one for you all. This was going to be a massage story but I had an idea with a feet worship story instead. Enjoy and I hope you all like it^^

Amy and Silver (c) SEGA
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Yeah things will go a little different.
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hey thunder bolt sweet story ma[link]
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Wow, this is something much different than all those other Amy stories. I like it!
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