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February 19, 2009
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The sun had gone down by the local horizon and it was now night time. Amy Rose was sitting on the couch of her small house reading a nice book when she let out a yawn and looked outside.

“It’s night time already?! I’d better get to sleep now.”

Amy Rose hopped off her couch as she headed upstairs to her room so she could prepare for the night. A couple of minutes later Amy was now inside her room wearing a long red gown with pink slippers as she stretched her arms in the air.

Amy then hopped onto her bed as she lifted the sheets up and then put the sheets on top of her body. As she put the sheets on, Amy made sure her feet were sticking out from the edge of her bed and she was still wearing her slippers.

“Hmm I wonder what Sonic does when he’s about to fall asleep?”

She shrugged as Amy closed her eyes and within a few minutes she had fallen asleep while lying on her back on the bed. As Amy was sleeping something started moving around under her head and someone spoke.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!”

“Hey calm down Shadow this is going to be fun.”

“Whatever let’s get it over with.”

Out from under the bed came Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog as they both crawled out from the bed and now were kneeling in front of Amy’s slippers as Sonic was smiling and Shadow was frowning.

“Hey Shadow I get her left foot you take right.”

“Whatever Sonic let’s just get this over with already. I have better things to do.”

“Sure you do Shad let’s do it.”

Sonic removed Amy’s left slipper as Shadow removed her right slipper to relieve her bare feet. Sonic stuck out his tongue as he was about to place it on Amy’s left sole when he noticed Shadow wasn’t sticking out his tongue.

“Come on Shadow do it right now!”

Shadow closed his eyes as he stuck out his tongue but wasn’t going to do it. Sonic then looked over at Shadow and said, “Gee I had no idea that ultimate life form was such a chicken at doing a foot worship.”

Shadow’s left ear twitched as he heard Sonic say that. Then without warning Shadow punched Sonic on his right arm and then started licking up and down Amy’s right sole slowly.

“Heh knew that would work.”

Sonic chuckled as he placed his tongue on Amy’s left sole and started licking up and down her sole slowly as well. As she was sleeping, Amy let out a giggle as Sonic and Shadow continued to lick up and down her soles.

This continued for five minutes as Amy soles were covered in wet saliva but Sonic and Shadow continued to lick up and down her soles slowly.

“Hey…that…tickles…” Amy murmured in her sleep.

Sonic looked liked he was having fun but Shadow on the other hand still had his face like he was upset about something as he continued to lick up and down Amy’s right sole but was licking a little bit faster.

Amy started giggling a little more because this tickled her feet a little bit. She curled up her toes a little as Sonic and Shadow continued licking.

This continued for another five minutes as Amy’s soles were really wet now as she continued to giggle a little more. Sonic and Shadow moved their tongues up and started licking in between Amy’s toes.

“I had no idea Amy’s toes were this tasty.”

Sonic started licking in between her toes a lot faster but then had to slow it down a little bit because Amy’s giggles were becoming a little louder and then she started moaning but slightly as she slept through the night.

Sonic and Shadow continued to lick in between her toes for about ten minutes as saliva was around her toes. Amy was shifting her shoulders a lot as they continued licking and a smile appeared on her face.

“Shad we’re almost done.”


They both stopped licking in between Amy’s toes and then started sucking on Amy’s toes as her moans were getting louder. There was a blush on Amy’s face as Sonic and Shadow continued to suck on her toes as she slept.

“Well this isn’t…half bad,” Shadow thought to himself.

Sonic and Shadow continued to suck on Amy’s toes for about thirteen minutes and didn’t look like they were going to stop for a while because for the first time Shadow was enjoying it but didn’t seem to show it on his face.

“Heh somebody likes this.”

Sonic and Shadow decided to continue this throughout the night as they both continued to suck on Amy’s toes as she was sleeping.

Amy opened her eyes a few hours later as she stretched her arms out. She then looked over to the edge of her bed to see that her slippers had been removed and her feet were covered in wet saliva.

“How…how did this happen? I thought I was dreaming about my feet getting worshipped by Sonic and Shadow.”

Meanwhile not too far away Sonic and Shadow were racing across the field. Shadow didn’t want Sonic to say one word about last night and he didn’t but Sonic kept on chuckling as they were running.
I really enjoyed making this foot worship story with Amy Rose and I hope all of you enjoy it too:D

Sonic, Shadow, Amy (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
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sonic1046 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Never heard better feet stories from anyone this good:D ur da best
twistthehedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009
wow that was cool never thought shadow would do that kind of stuff, but it was a awsome story
Lynus-the-Porcupine Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
AMAZING! My rank: A+++
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
Thank you^^
Lynus-the-Porcupine Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
You r welcome, bro! ;)
arlos411 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009  Professional Artist
dear thunder-bolt
hi it's me arlos411, that story is funny.
could you please write the story about cream the rabbit tickled for me please?
please send me.
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009
Well I'm not doing requests.
arlos411 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009  Professional Artist
well yes you did and by the way whats a request?
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009
When did I say that.
arlos411 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2009  Professional Artist
you know friend or something and look i saw and read nicole gets tickled and it's really funny. so, you goona write cream got tickled or what? it's your choice and you remember your motto i put a shock to your systems.
yours truly
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