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July 13, 2008
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The morning sun was rising up as the sunlight was hitting the face of 12 year-old Naruto Uzumaki. His eyes were starting to open as the sunlight was hitting his face. Naruto started stretching his body and then hopped out of bed so he could change into his regular orange and blue outfit. First he brushed his teeth and then he changed into the outfit he always wears.

Once he was done in the bathroom, Naruto went straight for the refrigerator and started drinking his milk which was not past the expired date. As he was drinking his milk, Naruto noticed something on his door. He got up and walked over to his door and realized that it was a letter. As he pulled it down, Naruto read the letter saying:

Dear Naruto,

I’m sorry to say this Naruto but I’m feeling under the weather and so I won’t be able you train you today but the Fifth Hokage as instructed a jonin to help you with you’re training. She will be meeting you by the ramen shop so make sure listen to everything she tells you to do and make sure you obey her orders and never say no. Like I said before Naruto I’m sorry.
Your teacher,

Naruto just looked at the letter and thought, “Wow I never would have guessed that the Pervey Sage could get sick. And what I really can believe is that I’m going to get a girl.” Naruto just shrugged as he took the letter and placed it on his bed as he got his headband and placed it around his forehead. “Well better go and see who my sensei is going to be today,” said Naruto.

He had arrived at the ramen shop and was standing outside of the shop and was leaning against the board. “Well I’m hear so where in the world is that jonin suppose to be?” asked Naruto. He waited and waited for the jonin to come but there was no sign of her. “That’s it if that jonin doesn’t come in the next hour I am going to train by myself,” said Naruto angrily.

“Hey kid there’s no need to get angry.” Naruto turned around and said, “Hey buddy min your own busin…oh on not you!” It was none other than the person who was in charge of the second Chuunin Exams: Forest of Death, Anko Mitarashi. “Well kid I never thought I would have to be with you today huh,” Anko said with a smile. Naruto had that angry look since he thought that she was crazy.

“Well Naruto come with me.” Before he could say anything, Anko grabbed him by the shirt and was jumping from roof to roof. “Where is this crazy snake lady taking me?!” Naruto thought. Then Anko stopped in front of a small house as she opened the slide door with one hand. Anko then walked in the house and dropped Naruto on the floor and sat in front of Naruto.

Anko then took off her pads that she keeps on her legs and then she removed her sandals to completely show her bare feet. “Listen Naruto you’re going to worship my feet and no ifs, ans, or buts about it,” said Anko. Naruto was about to say something again but Anko but her finger in front of his face and said, “Remember you can’t argue about it so get started.”

Naruto sighed angrily as he took Anko’s left foot and started kissing her arch. He kissed her arch gently since he didn’t want to get her angry and was kissing her arch several times. After kissing her arch several times, Naruto moved to her bottom heel and started kissing it. “You know this isn’t half bad,” Naruto thought as he continued kissing her bottom sole.

Once he was done kissing her bottom sole, Naruto started licking Anko’s bottom heel back and forth so he could leave her bottom heel wet. After licking back and forth against her heel, Naruto started licking up and down her foot and Naruto was really enjoying it. He continued to lick up and down her foot leaving a trail of saliva on her foot and Anko seemed to like it.

Naruto then started to lick in between Anko’s toes and he also seemed to like this feeling as well. “I have to admit the kid is really good at this,” Anko thought. Naruto kept on licking in between her toes and he even went back to the places he had already licked. “I don’t know why but her toes taste like ramen,” thought Naruto as he continued to lick in between Anko’s toes.

Naruto placed her left foot to the side and then he took her right foot as he started to suck on her big toe. While her toe was in his mouth, Naruto was using his tongue to lick around her foot so he could leave her big toe wet. “The kid’s really good at this,” thought Anko happily. Naruto then pulled his mouth away and there was some saliva on her big toe.

Naruto went back to licking up and down her foot again because he just felt like doing that. But this time he was slowly licking up and down her foot. Anko actually giggled from that but she made sure that Naruto didn’t hear her giggle. After licking up and down several times he started licking back and forth on her heel like he did before so he could leave some saliva on her heel.

After he was done, Anko stood up from her spot and gave Naruto a pat on the head. “Not bad Naruto you did a great on worshipping my feet. Thanks!” With that said Anko ran out the house leaving him alone. Naruto just sat on the floor and said, “What kind of training was that?!”
A request from :iconoutlikealight:

He wanted a fic about Naruto Uzumaki feet worshipping Anko Mitarashi, the snake lady in charge of the Second Part of the Chuunin Exams. Hope you like it.

These charcters are not mine.
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FireFoxSF Jul 14, 2008
Hahahaha! She punked his ass! Very funny, very sexy. Me like!
Heh I'm glad you like it man:D
awesome , possibly the best.
Soniccoopercreater Jul 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
talk about iorney! XD
outlikealight Jul 13, 2008
Hey, thanks a ton for doing mine.

This was written pretty good, I'd say.:lol:
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