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March 9, 2009
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It was a sunny and cloudy morning as Cynthia was riding on her Garchomp and they were both reading back to her home town, Celestic Town. She had been training with her pokemon for so long that she hadn’t visited her family in a long time.

“I can’t wait to get back home,” Cynthia thought to herself.

The real reason she couldn’t visit her home town in a long time because she had been keeping her title as Champion of the Elite Four. She had battled many trainers and beaten them all and she was getting sort of tried of it.

She decided to take a week off from battling and spend some time with her family in Celestic Town and that’s what she did.

“Garchomp down there it’s my home town.”

Garchomp nodded as it started flying down over Celestic Town. Once close towards the ground, Cynthia jumped off Garchomp and then was greeted by all of the people of the town because they were all glad to see here.

Then Cynthia was greeted by her grandmother and younger sister and they were both glad to see that she was back home again.

“Grandmother, sister it’s good to see you both again.”

“Likewise now tell me how have you been Cynthia.”

Later Cynthia told her and her younger sister about all the things she had been doing as Champion of the Elite Four. Later Cynthia decided to hang out with her younger sister as she was chasing her around the town having some fun.

“It’s so good to be back with my family again.”

She had so much fun that the day had gone by fast and it was now evening in Celestic Town. Cynthia was walking up the stairs to her room as she opened the door and went straight for her bed.

“My room it’s been a while since I’ve been in here.”

Cynthia smiled as she walked over towards the corner and sat down on her bed. Next she kicked off her black heel shoes to relieve her bare feet as she let out a slight moan.

“Oooooh that’s better.”

Cynthia lied back on her bed and within minutes she fell asleep. As she was sleeping, Cynthia’s Garchomp was coming up the stairs and saw her master sleeping on the bed but Garchomp was staring at something else.

He was staring at Cynthia’s soles as Garchomp licked his lips. He then started walking over towards the bed but was walking quietly so he wouldn’t wake up Cynthia. Garchomp then lifted up Cynthia’s left foot, stuck out his tongue, and started licking.

Garchomp licked up and down Cynthia’s left sole as a smile appeared on her face. She then started giggling slightly which scared Garchomp a little but then continued to lick up and down her sole slowly.

Garchomp continued this for five minutes as he placed her left foot back on the floor, grabbed her right foot, and started licking up and down her right sole.

“Stop…that tickles,” Cynthia murmured in her sleep.

Garchomp looked happy as he continued to lick up and down Cynthia’s right sole and he was still happy. Cynthia moved her lips a little bit and Garchomp didn’t seem to notice as he continued to lick on her right sole.

He continued to lick on Cynthia’s right sole for another five minutes as he placed her foot on the floor, grabbed her left foot, and placed his tongue on the middle of her foot and was about to start licking again.

“Garchomp…what do you think you’re doing?”

Garchomp flinched as his eyes looked over to see Cynthia sitting up with her arms crossed but with a smile on her face. Garchomp was about to place her left foot back on the floor but then Cynthia spoke.

“Now now Garchomp I didn’t say stop. Please continue.”

Garchomp smiled as he moved Cynthia’s left foot close again to his tongue and started licking up and down her left sole slowly.

“Oh Garchomp…this feels so…good,” Cynthia moaned.

Garchomp continued to lick up and down her left sole for ten minutes as Cynthia was really feeling relaxed as she held onto her sheets as her Garchomp continued with the licking on her soles.

Garchomp then moved over back to Cynthia’s right sole and started licking there as Cynthia let out some more moans. This continued for the longest twenty minutes and within those minutes Garchomp fell asleep on Cynthia’s laps.

“Garchomp that was wonderful…thank you.”

Cynthia placed her hand on Garchomp’s side head as she stroked him several times and wiggled her toes at the same time as well.
Ok I couldn't help myself to make a foot worship story about Cynthia I'm sort of in my writing mood XD. Enjoy.

These characters are not mine.
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