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January 2, 2009
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“You guys how long to we have to keep walking?” Dawn whined as she was walking behind Ash Ketchum and Brock. “Don’t worry Dawn there should be a Pokemon Center close to these forest,” said Brock as he looked his map.

Dawn put her head down because her feet were killing her. Ash however didn’t mind it for one second. Pikachu didn’t mind it either because he was sitting on Ash’s right shoulder so he didn’t have to watch.

The three were going to see if they could head for the next town in the Sinnoh region but the day was already in the late evening so they needed to find a place to stay. Ash looked back and saw Dawn walking slowly.

“Hey c’mon Dawn don’t tell me you’re tired already.”

“It’s easy for you Ash but not for me ok.”

Ash just shrugged as he continued walking the path that he and his friends were walking on. Just a few minutes later and they reached the pokemon center as they were standing in the front of the center.

“Finally now we can-”

Dawn was interrupted as Brock dashed into the pokemon center and went straight for Nurse Joy who was standing in front of her big desk like every other Nurse Joy does at a Pokemon Center.

An hour later Ash, Dawn, and Brock each had their own rooms to sleep. Ash however wasn’t feeling at all but his Pikachu was as it fell asleep on the pillow. Ash left his room to see that Brock was still falling in love with Nurse Joy.

“Man he never gives on.”

Ash chuckled but then stopped chuckling as he turned over to Dawn’s room. He saw that she wasn’t down changing her clothes but still had her regular clothes still on. So Ash knocked on her door to see what the problem was.

“Come in its open.”

Dawn saw Ash coming in as he closed the door. “Oh Ash I didn’t know it was you. Is there something wrong?” He shook his head and just stared at Dawn for a minute and she thought that something was wrong with Ash.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong?”

“Uh yeah Dawn nothing is wrong. Good night.”

Later when everyone was sleeping Ash left his room and was sneaking over to Dawn’s room as he entered her room and then closed her door. He then saw her feet sticking out from her bed as Ash walked and sat down in front of Dawn’s feet which were sticking out from her sheets.

Ash looked back and forth just to make sure that no one was coming. He then grabbed both of Dawn’s ankles as he slightly moved them close to him and placed them on his lap and not on the bed.

He then placed his hands on Dawn’s right foot as Ash started massaging her arches. He was massaging them for a few seconds but there was no reaction from Dawn which was a good thing so she wouldn’t wake up.

He continued massaging Dawn’s right foot arches for a couple of minutes. A small smile appeared on Dawn’s face as Ash was massaging her arches but he couldn’t see the smile so he continued massaging them.

Ash then moved his hands up and started massaging her toes. Dawn shifted her shoulders a little bit because she felt something relaxing. She thought she was dreaming but in fact this was no dream.

“I have to be very careful on what I do here,” Ash thought to himself.

He massaged her toes for a couple of minutes as he lowered his hands to massage her heel this time. As he was massaging her heel, Ash heard a slight giggle from Ash as his heart stopped for a second.

Then he continued massaging her heel for a few minutes. He then moved his hands over to Dawn’s left foot and started massaging her toes this time. This feeling made Dawn even more relaxed but this was making her giggle as her toes curled a little bit.

Ash gulped but continued to massage Dawn’s toes as she was sleeping. Dawn kept on shifting her shoulders because the feeling of her toes getting massaged was too much for her and it felt relaxing too.

“I wonder what Dawn is dreaming about as I’m giving her this massage?”

He continued massaging her toes for a couple of minutes as Ash lowered his hands again and started massaging her arches but this time he was massaging them a little harder but not too hard.

“Well I’d better continued before I *yawn* go to bed.”

And that’s what Ash did as he continued massaging her arches and her heel as well. The next morning had come by as Dawn awoke stretching her arms in the air. Once she was done stretching, Dawn something was different in her room.

“I could have sworn my feet were in the sheets the whole time but how-”

She didn’t finish because she had a feeling of what had happened. Dawn smiled as she looked over at the door and saw that it was slightly opened. She sighed happily as she lied back on her bed with a smile.

“Thanks Ash it was…nice of you to massage my feet.”

Meanwhile in Ash’s room, Ash had woken up from his sleep as a smile was on his face on this sunny morning.
I got this idea a few hours ago but I was too lazy to type it up but now I did. Also Dawn is from pokemon is anyone doesn't know that.

These characters are not mine.
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