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July 2, 2008
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The evening sun was beautiful in the Kanto region in Viridian City as Officer Jenny was walking slowly back to her posting area. “I still can’t believe it took me that long to capture those criminals from stealing those items from the Poke Mart. My feet are killing me from all that running and dodgeing I have to do,” said Jenny as she opened the door to her little posting room.

She walked slowly over to her chair as Jenny sat down on it. She then took off her black heels and placed her feet outside her small window. “Ah that feels a whole lot better,” said Officer Jenny as she wiggled her toes outside. Her feet were still sweating a little after all the running she had been doing to catch those crininmals from stealing the items from the market.

Jenny laid back on her chair and she was about to doze off when she saw something pass her small post area. “That’s weird I thought I saw someone pass by my-” Jenny stood up and saw someone running into the Viridian Forest. She immediately got up from her chair as she dashed out of her posting area to see who was running into the forest. She kept on following until she stopped for a reason.

“Wait I think I forgot something?” Jenny looked down and saw that she left her black heels back at her post. She shrugged as she continued to run in the direction where the person was walking. Jenny kept on running until she saw a small cabin in the middle of forest. “Maybe what ever I was chashing went inside that cabin,” said Jenny as she snuck over to the cabin.

She tip-toed over to the door as she slightly opened the door. So far she could only see darkness in the cabin as she walked in. Jenny looked in the cabin and all she saw was a pair of wooden stocks and lots of rope. As she walked to the middle of the room she didn’t know that someone was already behind her and before she knew it Jenny fell to the floor knocked out.

A few hours later Jenny was starting to wake up from that blow to the head. “Uh what happened to me?”Jenny asked herself. Just then a light turned on above her and Jenny couldn’t believe what had happened to her. Her arms were tied to her body with the rope, she was sitting on a cushion, and her ankles were placed in the wooden stocks. To make it worse she couldn’t move her toes because each toe was tied to the stock.

“Hi Officer Jenny glad to see you’re awake.” Jenny looked at the front door and saw that Nurse Joy of Virdian City was standing there. “Joy don’t tell me you knock me out?” Joy nodded as she walked over to Jenny and sat down next to Jenny’s feet. “You know Office Jenny I wonder are you ticklish?” asked Joy as she pulled out two feathers from her pocket.

Officer Jenny was starting to get nervous because even though she is a tough police officer she is ticklish person. “Wa-Wait a minute Joy!” But Joy had already started strkoing the feather against Jenny’s left foot. Jenny was trying to hold in her giggles but the feather that was touching her foot was so ticklish that Jenny couldn’t hold in her giggling.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehe Joyeeehehehehehehehehehehe stop it hehehehehehehehe!” Jenny giggled. “C’mooaahahahahahahahahaha this ticklessss hehehehehehehehehehehe!” But Joy didn’t as she moved the feather up a little bit on Jenny’s foot. “Pleaseeee stop it hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Joy  pleaseehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Jenny laughed “Just let gooooo ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

It had been two minutes already as Officer Jenny had tears coming out of her eyes. “Stop it hehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahaha oh pleaseeeehehehehehehehehehe stop!” Jenny giggled “No more no more ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Nurse Joy just smiled as she used the other feather to stroke Jenny’s other foot and that made Officer Jenny’s laugher even louder.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JOY STOP IT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEEEE!” Jenny laughed “PLEASE STOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’M BEGAAAAAAGING YOOOOOU AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Joy shook her head and said, “Sorry Officer Jenny but this is just too fun.” So Joy continued stroking the feathers against Jenny’s feet.

Six minutes passed as Officer Jenny was still laughing since Nurse Joy was tickling her feet. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ENOUGH ALREADYEEEEEHEHEHEHE JOY!” Jenny laughed “PLEASE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP I CAN’T AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TAKE MUCH MOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAREE!” Joy stopped as she placed the feathers on the floor so Jenny could catch her breath.

“Now that you’ve caught a little breath tell me how do your feet taste?” asked Joy as she stuck out her tongue. Jenny was really nervous now as she was shaking little. “Joy please…don’t lick…my feet I’m…begging you please,” Jenny begged. But Joy moved in closer to Jenny’s right foot as she started licking up and down her foot and that made Jenny laugh again.

“OH NOOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JOY STOAAAAAAAAAP THIS PLEASEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!” Jenny laughed “OH GOAHAHHAHAHAD THIS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TICKLESSSSSS SO MUCH AHAHAHAHA!” As Joy was licking she thought, “My my Officer Jenny sure have some sweaty feet. Even though they taste like oranges.”

Four minutes passed as Jenny had a lot more tears steaming down her face since Joy was licking at her feet. “STOP IT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT JOY! I GIVE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MORE MORE AHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEEE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Jenny laughed. Joy stopped licking Jenny’s feet as she unlocked the stocks and untied her.

As Jenny was catching all her breath, Nurse Joy had already left the cabin. Jenny stood up and said, “The next time I go and chase someone throught the forest I’ve got to remember to take my black heels with me.”
I wanted to do this story for quite some time and I was able to get it finished. This is a story about Officer Jenny from Pokemon being tickled by Nurse Joy.

And yes I will be making another story about Nurse Joy being tickled by Officer Jenny.

These characters are not mine.
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polki35 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Remembering her heels wouldof made her feet more sweaty and ticklish so all a person would have to do is strip her of her heels and then tickle her feet :)
koalabearman Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Huh.  Pretty good!
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Do you take requests?
croger123654 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
nice 1,what r u going to make next?
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I seem to never get enough of this story!(Begaaaaaging?hahaha!)
LarcenTyler Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009
All this time, Nurse Joy had a fetish for Jenny's feet? Who would've known? :XD:
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009
PoisonRose-Jenny Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009
Hey my name is Jenny Tickle lmao XD
FTGenikit Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
lol. Talk about getting in a predicament. I didn't think nurse joy would like doing that to Jenny. Good Job!
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
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