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March 23, 2009
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It was a warm afternoon in the Hoenn region as three figures were flying in the sky and landed in a nearby forest. The three figures that had fallen from the sky were Jessie, James, and of course Meowth.

“Ow that smarts when we hit the ground like that,” said Meowth as he rubbed his bottom.

“I’m surprised you’re not use to it this yet Meowth,” said James. “Hold on a minute how come Jessie hasn’t complained yet?” James and Meowth looked around and then their jaws dropped to see that Jessie had hit head first into the ground.


James and Meowth ran over to Jessie as she was still in the ground. Meowth then poked at Jessie’s left leg but there was no movement. As he continued to poke her leg, James was staring at something else as a red blush appeared across his face.

“James what are you staring at-”

Meowth then saw what James was staring at and then a red blushed appeared across Meowth’s face as well. Jessie’s legs were wide open as her red panties were showing completely as Meowth and James continued to stare.

Meowth then started snapping out of it as he starting pushing James. “Hey James snap out of it if Jessie wakes up and sees what were staying at she’s seriously going to hurt us…no let me rephrase that…KILL US!”

James snapped out of his mind as he and Meowth started pulling Jessie out from the hole with all of their might. Within seconds they pulled Jessie out from the hole as she landed on top of them.

Several minutes later James (while carrying Jessie who was still knocked out) and Meowth were walking in the forest. “Meowth can’t we stop I’m getting tired of carrying Jessie around she’s heavy.”

“Yeah we might as well.”

James stopped walking as he placed Jessie on the ground by placing her back against a tree as both of them sat down tired. Meowth then was looking at Jessie who was still knocked out cold and was thinking of something.

“Meowth is there something wrong?”

He grinned as Meowth whispered into James’s ear. While he was whispering, a smile appeared on James’s face. “Meowth…that’s thee greatest plan you have ever had and best of all she won’t know about it.”

A few minutes later Jessie’s black boots had been removed from her feet as James was holding onto her left foot while Meowth held onto her right foot.

“Wait a minute Meowth I’m having second thoughts about this.” Meowth looked over at James and said, “Well it’s too late now James so let’s get going!” Meowth stuck out his tongue and started licking up and down Jessie’s right foot sole.

“Hey don’t start without me!”

James stuck out his tongue as well as he started licking up and down Jessie’s left foot sole. Jessie couldn’t feel anything because she was still knocked out cold when the three had blasted off in the sky.

Meowth and James continued to lick up and down Jessie’s soles for about five minutes and then they started licking in between her toes but were doing it a little faster.

“Mmmmm tasty,” Meowth thought.

Just then Jessie’s toes started curling up and this made Meowth and James flinch in fear because they thought that she was awake. But instead Jessie just let out a yawn and now she was sleeping.

“Guess she’s sleeping now. Let’s keep going James.”

He nodded as he and Meowth continued to lick in between Jessie’s toes. They both continued for five more minutes. Once they were done licking in between her toes, James and Meowth started sucking on Jessie’s toes and they liked it.

“Even though Jessie maybe a bit mean sometimes she has tasty feet.”

“Yeah you said it James you said it.”

They were sucking on her toes like they were sucking on lollypops and not only were they sucking on Jessie’s toes but they were also licking on her toes as well. They never thought they would do something like this but today they wanted to.

They continued to suck/lick on her toes for another five minutes as James and Meowth went back licking up and down her soles. As they were licking on her soles, Meowth noticed that Jessie’s eyes were starting to move.

“James we have to stop she’s waking up.”

Both of them placed Jessie’s feet on the ground and moved a few feet away from Jessie as she started waking up. “Ow my head hurts and…AND WHY DO MY FEET FEEL WET?!”

“Well…uh…Jessie you see uh…there-”

“Were two Lickitnugs here licking at you’re feet and-”

Just then Jessie punched the both of them on the head as they fell to the floor. Jessie grabbed her boots and then started walking away saying, “I can’t believe you two let those do that to me!”

As she was stomping away, James and Meowth were smiling because they knew what they had done even though it was worth the punch to their heads.
After watching a lot of episodes of Pokemon on the Internet I decided to make a story about Jessie from Team Rocket gettting her feet worshipped by James and Meowth. Enjoy:D

These characters are not mine.
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Interesting story. But when I read the title I got a compleately different idea. See I thought it would be something like Team Rocket capturing Ash and forcing him to worship Jessie's feet or something. Still a good story though.
sffan Mar 23, 2009
Jessie's feet never get any love. Thanks for making this.
No problem man^^
Soniccoopercreater Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
HA! Nice! XD
Soniccoopercreater Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yer welcome=)
featherblade2008 Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
This is a cute story with a nice end^^
featherblade2008 Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome^^
I cringed. A lot.
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