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July 7, 2009
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The sun was going down the horizon of Four Island located near the Kanto region and a couple of miles away from Five Island. On this island there was a fast speed ship heading towards the port of the island on this ship was none other than Lorelei of the Elite Four and master of Ice-type pokemon.

Lorelei had her long red hair with a blue tie around her back hair and blue eyes. She still wore blue long sleeve top with collars around her wrists, underneath showed her wearing a red top that just showed her cleverage a little bit, she wore her glasses like always,  she had a black skirt that went down to the very top of her knees, and wore blue heel shoes.

“It’s good to be back from battling trainers,” said Lorelei. “I’m just glad to be back on the island so I can relax. My feet are killing me.”

Even though Lorelei had battled many trainers she also had to do some running around in the Kanto region. So many trainers wanted to challenge her and beat her but she wasn’t in the mood so she had to run around the region of Kanto t get away from the trainers.

A few minutes later Lorelei had just gotten off the speed boat as the boat departed from the island and was heading back to Vermillion City. Now that she was back on the island, Lorelei was walking slowly on the beach and heading back to her house which was only a few miles away.

“Why do I have to live so far away,” Lorelei asked herself.

It took about half an hour for her to reach her house but Lorelei finally made it back as she now stood in front of the door. She had forgotten about the improvements that were done to her house meaning now she had a newly bathroom and her bedroom. Lorelei smiled slightly as she opened the door to her house.

“It’s good to be home.”

Lorelei walked over to the sofa as she sat down on it like nothing. She then takes off her heels and places them against the sofa as Lorelei places her feet right on the coffee table to relax but before Lorelei could start relaxing she started sniffing around the room because there was some kind of odor in the room.

“What in the world…in that smell,” Lorelei asked herself as she sniffed in the room. “Oh my goodness that smell…is coming from…my feet!”

Lorelei brought her left foot close to her face as she took a big whiff of her foot and almost when green in the face. “How could this have happened I don’t under-” Lorelei then remembered all the running she did in the Kanto region as she slapped her forehead because she had figured out the reason for her stinky feet problem.

“It was because of all that running I was doing in the Kanto region,” Lorelei said as she stood up from the sofa. “Well I’m not going to have these stinky feet any longer because right now I’m going to the bathroom to get them cleaned.”

Lorelei walked into her bathroom as she went into her closet bathroom and pulled out a white bucket. She then put the bucket inside the tub and started filling it up with hot/warm water so she could clean her feet. As the water reached the top of the bucket, Lorelei shut off the water as she was about to clean her feet when she heard knocking at the door.

“Oh who could be coming now of all times?!”

Lorelei rushed out of the bathroom as she opened the door. When she did her jaw almost dropped and her glasses almost fell over as she saw Red standing there with a smile on his face wearing the same clothes he usual wears. Before Red had the chance to say anything, Lorelei slammed the door in front of his face.

“What Red is here?! Oh no I can’t let him smell my stinky feet.”

She looked around the room and saw her blue heels in the same place where she left them before as she placed her stinky feet back into the heels, went back to the door, and opened the door where Red still stood. “I’m so sorry about that Red I thought you were someone else,” Lorelei said smiling. “So what can I do you for?”

“Well I was hoping that I would…be able to worship your feet today.”

Lorelei flinched up as she looked down at her feet. “Um I’m sorry Red but today isn’t a good evening to worship my feet.”

“Huh why not?”

“Um well…because you can’t now goodbye Red.”

Before Lorelei could close the door Red grabbed her ankles as she fell to the floor. Red closed the door and sat down on Lorelei’s back as he lifted her back legs. Lorelei had a red blush on her face as she felt her heels being removed from her feet. Lorelei could only feel embarrassed on what was going to happen.

“Oh no…no no no,” Lorelei thought in her mind. “Red going to sniff my feet and then he’s going to leave me alone in my house and never want to speak to me again.”

Just then Lorelei felt something wet touching her left foot sole as she looked to see Red licking on her stinky left foot. She couldn’t believe that Red was licking on her left stinky sole but that didn’t matter as Lorelei placed her head on the floor and started moaning but not only was licking up and down he was also sniffing her feet as well.

“Mmmmm smells nice Lorelei.”

Red continued to lick up and down Lorelei’s left foot for several minutes and then he moved this tongue over to Lorelei’s right stinky sole and started licking up and down very slowly but also he was sniffing at her sole in the process. Lorelei took off her glasses as she tossed them on the sofa and just continued to moan and groan in delight.

“Ooooooh…mmmmmmmmmm…oh yes…mmmmmmmmmm.”

Lorelei wiggled her right foot toes as Red sniffed away at them with a smile on his face and loved it. He sniffed on her toes for like three minutes and then went back licking up and down her right sole with his wet tongue as Lorelei went back to her moaning and groaning because of Red’s wet tongue.

“Oh Red…mmmmmmmm…feels so…good…mmmMMMMMMM!”

Lorelei moaned and moaned for the feeling so much that she almost fell asleep but she wanted to keep awake for this experience. Red moved his tongue back over to her left sole as he started sniffing away at her toes again. Red didn’t care that her feet were stinky as long as he was able to worship her feet in fact he kind of liked her toes stinking a little bit.

For the past ten minutes Red was sniffing on her stinky left foot and right foot toes. Lorelei didn’t care that Red was sitting on her back because he was worshipping her feet and she loved it a lot. Red then started licking back and forth on Lorelei’s soles as he brought them together licking back and forth and she loved it.

He licked on her soles for the past fifteen minutes and with her feet licked the smell was gone. Red picked up Lorelei and placed her on the sofa as she looked at her soles and smiled happy as she pulled Red close to him and hugged him.

“Red my feet don’t smell anymore thanks to you,” Lorelei said happily. “So I think you deserve a reward for cleaning my stinky feet.”

Lorelei grabbed her two blue heels and started dangling them off her fingers as Red just stared at them. She then tossed both of them at Red as he caught them both with his bare hands and looked at Lorelei. She nodded and gave Red a seductive wink as he was looking down at her heel shoes.

Without saying a word, Red gave Lorelei a kiss on the cheek and dashed out of the house leaving Lorelei with a blush on her face as she giggled and looked at her cleaned feet and toes.
A request from my friend :iconkiddr15: who wanted a story about Red worshipping Lorelei's feet but in the process of sniffing her feet as well because they are very stinky from the experience she had just had. Hope you like it.

These characters are not mine.
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LarcenTyler Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
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MintyMousyXFCE Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
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