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“Aw man it doesn’t look like this rain is going to stop any time soon,” said Ash as he stared outside his hotel room. Ash and his friends Brock, May, Max, and Lucario were heading for there next destination when it started to rain so they needed a place to stay for the raining night. They came across a hotel and they didn’t have to pay for anything since the hotel was free of charge.

There were so many rooms that could choose from that they decided on where they would stay. May and Max were in one room together, Brock was by himself, and Ash, Pikachu, and Lucario stayed in one room together. The rain was still pouring a lot so Ash decided to sit down on the bed. He looked over to the corner to see Lucario mediating peacefully in the corner.

“Hm the rain sure doesn’t seem to bother her,” thought Ash. Lucario opened her eyes to see Ash just sitting on the bed. “Ash is everything alright?” He turned to her and said, “Oh everything’s fine it’s just this rain is stopping us from continuing our journey.” She got up from the corner as Lucario walked over Ash and sat next to him. “Would you rather walk in the dark instead?”

Ash scratched the back of his head and said, “Hm I guess not Lucario.” She was about to go into her mediation again when Ash asked, “Hey Lucario do you want to sit with me a little more?” She turned to him and was thinking about it. Lucario smiled a bit and said, “Sure that would be nice Ash.” She walked over as she sat on the bed and was sitting next to Ash and they didn’t speak.

“Hey Lucario there’s something I want to tell you,” said Ash. “What is it?” Lucario asked. “Well I wanted to say this for a while but I wanted to say it with my friends out of the room so I’m going to say it now. Lucario you have…you have such beautiful feet.” When she heard him say that Lucario face went pink a little with a blush. “Do you…really mean that Ash?” she asked. He nodded and said, “Yeah I really think you’re feet are beautiful.”

Ash stood up from the bed and said, “Well time for me to use the bathroom but I’ll be back.” With that said Ash opened the door and then closed the door to go to the bathroom. While he was out Lucario just sat on the bed with that blush on her face. “He thinks my feet are beautiful. Oh Ash that’s the nicest thing anyone as ever said to me.” With that Lucario couldn’t stop blushing about it.

A few minutes later Ash returned from the bathroom and was heading back to his door. When he opened the door he noticed that Lucario was smiling at him and didn’t know why she was smiling at him for. “Hey Lucario why are you smiling at me?” he asked her as he walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. She didn’t answer as Lucario placed her left foot in front of Ash’s face.

“Wow her feet look really beautiful up close and person,” thought Ash. Lucario was pressing her foot gently in Ash’s face and said, “So Ash since you think my feet are beautiful you can worship them and I won’t mind it at all,” Lucario said softly. His eyes widened and asked, “Are you serious?” She nodded slightly and Ash smiled as he was going to get started and Lucario put her back against the wall.

With Lucario’s left foot in his face Ash started licking in between her three toes and he really seemed to like it. As he was licking Lucario was giggling and blushing at the same time but she really liked it. He then her toes into his mouth as he was sucking on her toes one by one. Lucario couldn’t help but moan because the way Ash was sucking on her toes felt so great.

After sucking on her toes for a while, Ash started licking on the pink pad on the middle part of Lucario’s foot. He kept on licking the pink pad until it was wet enough for him to move onto. After Ash had gotten the pad wet he put his tongue to the bottom of her foot as he was licking back and forth around her bottom sole. “Ash is really good at this,” thought Lucario.

After a few licks to her bottom sole, Ash put his tongue on Lucario’s bottom foot again and started licking up and down her foot very slowly. Every time when Ash would lick up Lucario’s foot she would giggle since that seemed to be very ticklish spot for her but she didn’t care. Ash kept on licking up and down her foot since he seemed to like doing that to her foot.

Ash was down with Lucario’s left foot as he moved onto her right foot and then he started licking up and down her foot like he did with her left. Ash kept on doing this until her foot was nice and wet. “Ash you’re too good at this,” said Lucario with a smile. Even though her foot was wet already Ash continued since Lucario seemed to like it and he also liked it.

With that done Ash went into licking in between her toes as he was leaving some of his saliva between her three toes. Lucario still had that pink blush on her face since Ash was licking in between her toes. Ash was doing this a couple of times and then he got done worshipping her feet. “There Lucario I hope you liked the feet worship,” said Ash. She smiled as she moved closer to Ash’s cheek and kissed him. “Yes I did Ash.”

Later Ash was in his sleeping bag and Lucario was on the bed with her body in the blanket and her feet sticking out of the end of the bed. “Ash thanks so much for the feet worship it was wonderful,” said Lucario. “Aw no problem I was glad to worship beautiful feet like yours.” She blushed again and said, “Good night Ash.” “Good night Lucario.” With that the two fell asleep waiting for the next day to arrive.
This one took me a while since I had to plan out what was going to happen but I was able to get this done. I'm glad I made Lucario a girl again becuase I like it like that and Ash is the one who gets to worship her feet. Enjoy.

These characters are not mine.
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Very nice story! Ash sure is one lucky guy. One of my fan fics was based on this story and instead of Ash doing the worshipping, my Will character does this. ^^
chaoticplumber Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Awesome story
I always thought lucario had cute feet so I'm happy its her
Ash is lucky
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perfect work.
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take your lumps like a man private twinkle toes-
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You're very welcome. ^^
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pretty cool man :) keep it up with the lucario stuff.
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your welcome
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I dont get it.
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God why does this sound so wrongishly perverted, but feels so right!
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dude i think that was great, if u got more with a femail lucario leme know.............................
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Nice job. Your also making me look up more on Pokemon now:XD:
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Damn Ash, you have all the fun! XD
Sonic Cooper Gang 4ever Baby!
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