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June 7, 2008
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Please read description first.

“I wonder what that sexy dinosaur is doing?” Renamon asked herself as the morning sun
was rising. Once again she and Guilmon had made love together and she loved every moment of it. What Renamon didn’t know was that Takato and Rika were watching the whole thing as it was happening. Takato never wanted to mention it again but Rika on the other hand couldn’t drop it. She looked up at Renamon and saw her smiling and Rika had never seen Renamon smile before.

Just before Renamon was about to leave Rika said, “Hold on Renamon I want to talk to you.” Renamon stood up as she turned to Rika and when she did Rika was looking upset. “So where were you last night Renamon?” Renamon didn’t want to mention that she was making love to Guilmon so she had to make something up. “Well I went for a run since I couldn’t sleep last night.” Rika was still looking at Renamon and then Rika was starting to think.

“Maybe Renamon wasn’t having sex with Guilmon and maybe it was someone who looked just like her,” Rika thought. “Rika is there something wrong?” Rika snapped out of thought as she shook her head. “No it’s nothing Renamon.” Rika was walking to the front door as she turned back around to Renamon. “Oh before I forget I’ll be going on a trip with my mother and I won’t be back until the end of the week so do you think you’ll be alright by yourself?”

Renamon nodded and said, “Of course Rika I’ll be fine by myself.” Rika then turned back around back to her room while Renamon smirked. “With Rika gone I can spend some time with that sexy dinosaur Guilmon.” It didn’t take long for Rika to pack her stuff even though her mother was going to have some of those other clothes but she didn’t care. As Rika was running to the airport while waving to Renamon she jumped onto the branch and started heading straight for Guilmon’s cave.

“Are you sure there’s nothing going between you or Renamon?” Takato asked while talking to Guilmon in the park. “Yes Takato there’s nothing going between me and Renamon.” Takato scratched his head and said, “Guilmon I believe you. Well I gotta get back home buddy. The bread shop is going to be very busy today and my parents need my help with it.” After that Takato was running back to his house. Until he was gone Guilmon saw his lover Renamon appear right in front of him.

“You miss me Guilmon?” asked Renamon as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You know it. So how are you on this fine mid-morning?” Guilmon asked. “I’m doing fine and guess what? Rika won’t be back until the end of the week so we can spend the day which each other.” Guilmon jumped as he went straight for a hug to Renamon. She smiled as she hugged him back. “Same here Renamon. Takato’s family is going to be busy today so I can spend some time with you too.”

“I’m so glad Guilmon so what do you want to do?” Guilmon scratched his head and said, ‘I don’t know what I want to do so I’ll let you decide.” Renamon sat next to him as she was thinking what they could do together. After one minute she had an idea and then took Guilmon’s hand and was pulling across the park. “Renamon where are we going?” Guilmon asked. She just smiled as she started running faster with Guilmon running faster too.

They were now inside a forest in which Guilmon had never seen before. Guilmon was amazed to see such an area. “Well we’re here Guilmon.” Guilmon looked and was amazed to see what was there. There was nice green grass swaying in one direction because of the wind with one big log so the two could sit together. Not to mention that was sunlight shining in one place of the area. Guilmon and Renamon walked over to the log and now were sitting on the grass together.

“Renamon thanks for being me here its looks so nice here and so is the breeze,” said Guilmon happily. “You’re welcome Guilmon. I found this place a few weeks before and I wanted to show…” Renamon was cut off as Guilmon put his head onto Renamon’s lap as he closed his eyes and said, “This is nice.” Renamon smiled as she started stroking his head since he was napping on her lap.  She laid her back against the log as she closed her eyes and started napping as well.

A couple of hours later both digimon were still napping but when they woke up something seem different. Guilmon was now lying on the grass with Renamon lying on top of him. “Well I see that you had a nice nap Renamon,” said Guilmon. She grinned as she kissed him on the lips and then the two started making out. The two were loving moment as they started mixing their tongues inside. They broke off the kisses for a few minutes and then went right back at it.

The two were now walking out of the forest and were holding hands together. Even though it was still kind of the afternoon they decided to leave. “Being inside that forest was nice thank you for bringing there Renamon,” said Guilmon sympathetically. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Guilmon blushed as the two were walking back to the park.
I'm really sorry that there's was little love in this story^^; but when I make the better love version with Guilmon and Renamon I'll make sure that there is some love in it so don't worry.

These characters are not mine.
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