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January 14, 2009
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It was now night time as Takato lied on top of his bed looking at his ceiling wall. He was remembering what happened during the evening sky when Renamon had kissed him on the lips. He couldn’t get that kiss out of his mind while he was staring at the ceiling.

“I can’t believe she did that to me and it felt…good.”

Takato placed his finger on his lip as he smiled. He then lifted his body up and was now staring out the window because he was thinking about Renamon and the kiss she had given to him.

Then Takato smiled as he jumped off of his bed, grabbed his sweater, and ran outside because he was going to see Renamon. His parents were asleep so he didn’t have to be quiet because they were heavy sleepers.

Meanwhile around Rika’s house, Renamon was sitting on top of one of the trees as she was looking at the night time sky. She was also thinking about how she kissed Takato on the lips and she loved it a lot.

“Hey Renamon?”

Renamon looked down and saw Rika standing below the tree. Renamon stood up from the tree and then jumped down in front of Rika.

“Yes Rika is there something wrong?”

“Actually Renamon is there something wrong with you?”

“Wh-what do you mean Rika?”

“Well ever since you came back from defeating that digimon you haven’t been the same. Did something else happen there Renamon?”

There was no way that Renamon was going to tell Rika about the kiss she had with Takato so she decided to make something up. “N-No Rika nothing happened I just wanted to take a long walk that’s all.”

Rika somehow wasn’t going to believe that but she had to trust Renamon. “Ok Renamon I believe you. Well I’m off to bed. Good night Renamon.”

“Goodnight Rika.”

Rika walked over to her room as she closed the door to her room. Renamon let out a small sigh as she jumped over the wall of Rika’s house. Once she landed on the other side, Renamon bumped into someone.

Renamon didn’t fall but the person that fell was none other than Takato. He stood up and cleaned off some of the dust that was on his clothes.

“T-Takato what are you doing here?”

“Well I came here to see you Renamon. Listen I was wondering if you would like to walk with me again but this time at night.”

“Of course Takato I would love to.”

Takato and Renamon started walking over to the park but it would take a while for them to reach the park. Just as they were walking together, Renamon felt something grab her hand. She looked down and saw Takato was holding her hand as they were walking.

“He’s…he’s holding my hand.”

Renamon slightly blushed as she and Takato continued walking together. An hour later Renamon and Takato had arrived at the park. The park lights were already on and there was nobody around the park area.

“Renamon where would you like sit?” Takato asked.

“I don’t mind where we sit. It’s up to you Takato.”

He looked around the area and saw a long park bench that they could sit on. “Let’s sit over at that bench.” They both walked over to the bench and sat down together. Renamon seemed a little bit happy when sitting next to Takato and he felt the same way.

“Hey Renamon I want to ask you something. Why did you kiss me?”

Renamon flinched a little when Takato asked her that question. She couldn’t think of anything to say why she did it. “Takato I…kissed you…because I…I…I…” She was having a hard time saying what she wanted to say.

Just then Renamon felt warm hands on her face and those hands were Takatos’ as he moved his head closer to Renamon as his lips met her lips. Renamon blinked and blushed as Takato was now kissing her.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me Renamon.”

Renamon blinked her eyes again and then moved her face closer to Takato’s face as she was kissing him this time. Takato and Renamon were both kissing this time and best of all no one noticed that they were kissing.

“I’m kissing Renamon. This feels…nice,” Takato thought to himself.

Later at night Takato had fallen asleep from all the kissing he and Renamon had done together. Renamon was still awake as she looked down to see Takato sleeping on her lap as she smiled.

“Oh Takato.”

She placed her hand on his head and started petting his head slightly. She blushed again because she was with the one she loved. As Takato was sleeping a smile was on his face because he was with Renamon.
Well here's part 2 of Renamon and Takato Love and this is the last part. I decided not to make this one mature so enjoy.

These characters are not mine.
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fishbones472 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
need a part three please
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I don't think Renamon and Takato can never be together. It's just plain weird.
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need part 3 desperately
XDoodley Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
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You should make a 3rd part this Is awesome
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Renakato story a love dude a wish you continue

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....ok then......i understand guilmon and renamon and mainly impmon and renamon....but.....takato and renamon! i cant see it!
kaze--no--saga Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
Lovely story
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