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July 8, 2008
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“Even though I have the taste of feet in my mouth it was great to worship my master’s feet,” said Sakura as she was walking home from the Hokage mansion. She had just finished a feet worshipping with her master Tsunade who is the Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Even though it may have seemed wrong but Sakura didn’t care one bit.

Meanwhile back inside the mansion Tsunade was working on her paper work when she was thinking about her pupil Sakura. “I let Sakura worship my feet but I have to do something to pay her back but I don’t have a clue,” said Tsunade in thought. Tsunade was scratching her because she was trying to find a way to pay Sakura back but really couldn’t think of anything.

“Sakura what were you doing in Grandma Tsunade office this whole time?” asked Naruto as he was walking along with Sakura. “We just talked Naruto nothing really important,” said Sakura. Naruto was looking at her with disbelief but what Tsunade and Sakura were doing in the office this whole time really cornered him a lot. “Well Sakura I’m going out to do some training.”

With that Naruto dashed into a white smoke and disappeared. “Naruto he’s always in a rush somewhere,” said Sakura. Just then Shino appeared behind Sakura and said, “Sakura, Tsunade wishes to see you right away.” Sakura had a puzzled look and thought, “I hope she didn’t have second thoughts about that feet worship I gave her.” Sakura then was running back to the mansion.

What Sakura didn’t know was that Naruto was right behind her. “Heh I knew using that clone was a good idea now I’ll get to see what Sakura was really doing in Grandma Tsunade’s office,” Naruto said quietly. Sakura turned around and thought, “That’s weird I thought I saw Naruto following me.” Sakura shrugged her shoulders as she was running towards the mansion.

Tsunade was sitting in her chair waiting for Sakura and then she heard a knock at the door. “Enter.” The door swung open as Sakura walked inside her office and then closed the door slightly. “Master what is it you wanted to see me about?” Sakura asked. Tsunade got up from her chair and said, “Sakura have a seat on my chair and no arguments.” Sakura nodded as she walked over and sat in her chair.

“Sakura take off you’re sandals and put your feet on my desk.” Sakura looked puzzled but decided not to question her master so she slipped off her shoes and placed her feet on the desk. “Um Master why did you want me to take off my sandals?” Tsunade smiled and said, “I’m going to worship your feet Sakura just like you worshipped mine.” Sakura smiled a bit and was going to say something.

But before she could Tsunade moved in closer to Sakura’s right foot and was kissing the sides of her foot. “My Sakura your foot feels so smooth,” Tsunade thought as she continued kissing the sides of Sakura’s right foot. As Tsunade was kissing, Sakura was starting to feel relaxed and she had never been this relaxed before in her life so she just let her master continue the feet worship.

Sakura’s sides were now wet and Tsunade was now licking in between her pupil’s toes. Sakura’s face blushed a little and she giggled a little since it was tickling her. Tsunade was licking all around her toes leaving them nice and wet but she didn’t stop for quite a while. “Sakura sure has some tasty feet,” thought Tsunade as she continued to lick in between her pupil’s toes.

Tsunade then placed her tongue on Sakura’s heel as she started licking up and down her very slowly. Sakura started giggling a lot more since Tsunade was licking so slowly that it was tickling a little more but Tsunade started going a little bit faster. “Even though this tickles a lot this is so worth t having my feet being worshipped by my master,” thought Sakura.

As Tsunade made one slower lick on Sakura’s right foot she moved on to Sakura’s left foot. Tsunade then placed Sakura’s big toe into her mouth as she started sucking on her toe. While Sakura’s toe was in Tsunade’s mouth she was licking all around her toe everywhere since it felt so good. “I had no idea my master was this good,” thought Sakura.

Tsunade released her mouth as Sakura’s toe was wet and Tsunade went back licking up and down Sakura’s foot yet again. While she was licking up and down her foot, Tsunade was also getting the sides of Sakura’s foot. Then Tsunade was just licking Sakura’s bottom sole as Sakura was giggling yet again. “I can’t help it but it feels so good,” Sakura thought.

Now Tsunade was done worshipping Sakura’s feet as she stood up. “I must say Sakura that was great to do,” said Tsunade “We must do it again some time.” Sakura nodded as she got up from Tsunade’s chair. “Well Sakura since you’re still here you can help you’re master sort out these papers.” Sakura nodded. While they were fixing the papers a certain ninja had his jaw dropped and mouth hanging opened.

“I…I can’t believe that Grandma Tsunade was doing that to Sakura’s feet,” thought Naruto. He then smiled as he walked quietly outside the mansion and said with a smile, “Pervey Sage is gonna wanna here about this…as soon as I find him first.”
I deicded to do a story about Sakura getting her feet worshipped by Tsunade since Sakura worshipped Tsunade's feet I decided to pay her back. My buddy FireFox has been waiting for a story like this so here it is. Enjoy reading this story.

Btw this is once again Shippuden version.

These characters are not mine.
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