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February 5, 2009
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It was a sunny and beautiful evening as Spyro the Dragon (teenager) was flying back to the dragon temple because he had been out too long. The reason that Sparx wasn’t with Spyro during the day is because he wanted to go out by himself and be alone for a little bit.

“Wow the day sure went fast I’d better get back-”

Before Spyro could finish someone had bumped into him as he and that someone were falling into the forest which was kind of close to the dragon temple. Once he was on the ground, Spyro shook his head and felt that someone was one his body.

Spyro opened his eyes to see that the person that had bumped and fallen right on top of him was Cynder the Dragon (teenager) as she was also shaking her head.

“Cynder what are you doing here?”

She opened her eyes and saw that most of her body was on top of Spyro’s body. A red blush appeared on her and Spyro’s face as she immediately got off of his body and standing on her four dragon paws.

“Well I got worried so I just wanted to see what was taking you so long.”

“Cynder you were worried me?”

She nodded as the blush on her face grew slightly redder as she turned her head away from Spyro so he wouldn’t see her blush.

“Um thanks Cynder that’s really nice of you.”

“Uh-huh. Listen Spyro would you like to walk with me back to the temple?”

“Of course Cynder I would love to.”

Spyro stood up back on all four as he and Cynder started walking together through the forest. As they were walking, Spyro and Cynder were both blushing because they still remember that moment back in that part of the forest.


“Yes Cynder?”

“Um never mind.”

Cynder was too afraid of telling Spyro how she felt about that moment back in that part of the forest so she stayed quiet as they continued walking through the forest together not saying a word to each other until Spyro spoke.

“Hey Cynder it’s getting pretty late let’s fly over to the temple.”

She nodded slightly as she and Spyro started flying in mid-air in the forest so they could reach the temple in time.

A few hours had passed as Spyro and Cynder were now sleeping in their rooms because it was now nighttime outside. Everyone was sleeping expect for Cynder because she was still thinking about that moment in the forest.

Cynder was tossing and turning thinking about the forest but then she got out of her bed and was heading out to the balcony since she couldn’t sleep.

“I have to get that memory out from my head because if I don’t-”

As Cynder made the corner over to the balcony her lips locked lips with someone else and that someone else was Spyro. Both of them blushed bright red as their lips were still locked together and then they pulled back.

“C-Cynder I didn’t know you were and-”

“N-No Spyro it was my fault I-”

Both of them took a deep breath and decided to say nothing. They were both looking at the balcony and then looked at each other for a minute. A few minutes later Spyro and Cynder decided to go out on the balcony together.

They stood close to each other and this time they were slightly blushing but not a lot. They didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes as they started out into the sky but then Spyro decided to stay something.

“Cynder you’re eyes they…look beautiful when it’s nighttime.”

She turned her head over to him as Cynder couldn’t stop blushing because this was the first time Spyro had something so romantic to her. She then looked at the ground because she was nervous about the kiss and the forest.

“Spyro I-”

As Cynder looked up at Spyro her lips once again locked against Spyro’s lips because he was ready for her this time. He wouldn’t break off from the kiss as Spyro kept his lips on Cynder’s lips and she liked it as she was kissing him back.

They kissed for a good minute and then broke it off to get some air. “Cynder when you fell on top of me and when we kissed I loved it.”

“Funny Spyro you read my mind.”

The two dragons smiled at each other and then went back to kissing as Spyro got on top of Cynder as she lied on the floor so Spyro could kiss her. They were kissing for a good two minutes as Cynder broke the kiss.

“Cynder what’s wrong?”

“Well Spyro let’s continue this…in MY room.”

His eyes widened as Cynder got up from the ground and started walking over to her room teasing Spyro from behind as he started following her. Once they were at the door Cynder gave Spyro a wink as she opened the door.

“Before we go in I just want to say I love you Spyro.”

“And I love you too Cynder.”

They both smiled as they started kissing and walking into the room at the same end but at the end Spyro and Cynder used their tails to close the door leaving them in peace through the lovely night.
A request from my friend :iconCynderthDragoness: who wanted a love story between Spyro and Cynder. Hope you like it:)

These characters are not mine.
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