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July 4, 2009
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The evening sun had set down the horizon of the land of Mobius and now the skies turned dark with bright stars in the sky. In the land of Mobius, Sally Acorn who was somewhat the princess of the land was taking her lead back to her castle. But Sally Acorn wasn’t like those other princess that wore fancy stuff she liked wearing casual clothes.

“Well that was fun hanging out with Sonic today,” said Sally smiling. “But I think I’m *yawn* getting a little sleepy so I’ll head home.”

Sally had brown skin, which is tan on her face, chest and stomach, a long tuft of dark red bushy hair and blue eyes. She is also wearing her blue open vest and knee-high blue boots. As she was heading back to her castle through the woods, Sally turned around for a minute and shrugged.

“Strange I thought someone was just following me just now…oh well.”

Sally turned back around as she started walking back towards her castle but what she didn’t know was that someone was following her from behind. The figure that was following Sally was in the brushes and had two orange tails sticking out from the brushes.

Minutes later as Sally arrived in her castle she went straight for her room so she could go to sleep. Her room wasn’t that far but her room was located in the top part of her castle since Sally’s castle was way big. She had to go up three staircases just to reach her room as always but it was well worth it.

Sally opened the door to her room and inside was a medium sized circle window located to her left, her big bed located to the center wall, a big round mirror located to the right along with the many supplies next to the mirror, a closet door located next to the mirror,  a small shelf next to her bed with a small lamp, and a big desk located towards the window with a lamp, notes, and pencils on the desk.

“Ah so nice to be back in my room again,” said Sally as she walked over to the side of her bed and sat down. “Now I can start sleeping away through the night.”

The first thing Sally did is she removed her boots revealing her bare furry feet with three toes as she lifted her bed sheets in the air and placed it on her body. She then started getting comfortable on her pillow and with a smile on her face Sally fell asleep on the bed. As she was sleeping, Sally forgot to close her door as a head poked inside and this head belonged to Miles “Tails” Prower.

“Good it’s about time she fell asleep,” Tails thought. “Now time for the fun to begin.”

Tails opened the door revealing lots of red rope in his left hand and some silver tape in his right hand. Tails snuck in quietly in her room with the rope and tape in his hands as he stood at the edge of her bed. Tails then took the sheets off Sally but took the sheets off slowly so she wouldn’t wake up.

“Ok let’s start with the ankles.”

Since Sally was sleeping on her stomach this would make things a little easier for Tails as he pulled Sally’s ankles off the edge of the bed. Next he started tying the rope around her ankles and made sure the rope was tightly secured. Once he was done tying her ankles, Tails got on the bed slowly, grabbed both of Sally’s arms, and started tying her wrists together with the rope.

Now with the tying done, Tails smiled as now Sally’s wrists were tied behind her back along with her ankles tied moving them close to her bottom. “Oh right I’d better use the tape to tie her toes together.” Tails ripped off a little bit of silver tape as he tied her closest two toes together.

“Good now time for the fun to begin.”

With Tails still on the bed he brought his face close to Sally’s toes, stuck out his touch, and gently started licking against her toes. He licked back and forth on her toes gently and he kind of liked it as he smiled. As he licked on her toes, a smile appeared on Sally’s face as she started giggling.

“Hehehehehehehe…cut it out…hehehehehehehehehe…that tickles.”

She wiggled her toes slightly but Tails continued to lick on her toes which he was still enjoying. Sally continued to giggle until he finally woke her up from her sleep. As her eyes opened, Sally saw Tails licking on her toes but she also saw that her wrists and ankles were tied with the red colored rope.

“T-Tails what are you doing?!”

“Having some fun Sally and since you’re awake…it’s time to kick things up a little bit.”

Tails opened his mouth and started sucking on her two toes without the tape which made Sally giggle. “Hehehehehehe stop it Tails hehehehehehehe that tickles that tickles!” She wiggled her toes inside his mouth which made Tails suck on even faster as Sally continued giggling and there was nothing she could do about it.

He sucked on her toes for a good five minutes as Tails placed his fingers on Sally’s left paw soles as he started tickling them while sucking on her toes which also made Sally start laughing.


Tails just smiled as he stopped sucking on her toes. He then sat down on Sally’s back as he started licking on her right paw sole while tickling her left foot which kind of drove Sally nuts.


He licked and tickled her sole paws for five minutes until Tails stopped so he could give Sally a breather. Once she had caught her breath, Tails went back sucking on her toes again as Sally tried moving her toes away from his mouth but couldn’t. But with every suck that Tails was making to her toes, Sally started to enjoy it.

“T-Tails…please stop…Tails…oh my…mmmmmmmm.”

She placed her head against her pillow as Sally was trying to comfortable as Tails continued to suck on her toes much fast which made Sally started to moan a lot more than before as she wiggled her toes inside his mouth.

“Oh yes Tails…mmmmmmmm…that’s it…mmmmmmmmmm.”

Tails chuckled a little bit as he continued to suck on her toes. He continued to suck on her toes for more than five minutes until he started hearing some snoring. He looked to see that Sally had fallen asleep though it all but Tails wasn’t done yet as he sat down on her back and started licking up and down her sole paws.

But what Tails didn’t know was that Sally had somehow gotten her wrists loose and without warning grabbed Tails from behind and pulled him towards the ground. She then used the rope that was tied around her wrists to tie up his wrists as well. Tails tried breaking free but before he could escape Sally sat on top of him with an evil smile on her face.

“So Tails you were able to tickle me, lick on my paws, and suck on my toes,” said Sally smiling evilly. “Well I think it’s time for me to return the favor.”

Sally untied the rope off her ankles as she tied it around his ankles so now he couldn’t break free. “Come on Sally I…I was just having a little fun.” But that wasn’t going to work with her as she slipped off Tails’s shoes and socks revealing he bare paws. Sally then ran her fingers down his paws and started tickling him.


“I know you are Tails I know,” said Sally as she continued stroking her fingers against his paws. “But I want to enjoy this as much as I can.” She then stuck out her tongue a little but as she started licking against his left paw which drove Tails’s nuts.


Several hours later as the morning sun rose over the horizon Sally stretched her arms into the air with a smile on her face. “Boy what a great night I had,” said Sally smiling. “And it’s all thanks to you…Tails.”

Tails still hogtied to the floor with his wrists and ankles sleeping on the floor. Sally got out of bed as he patted him on the head and left the room with a smile on her head. Once she left, Tails opened his eyes with tired looks in them.

“The next time I do this I’ll make sure the ropes are tighter.”
A request from my friend :iconshadowsoldier247: who wanted a story about Miles "Tails" Prower hogtying Sally Acorn while she is asleep and having some fun with her paws like tickling them and licking them. Hope you like it bud^^

These characters are not mine.
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ShadowPan10 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
IMPRESSIVE! Got to love Tails and Sally having some tickling fun. *faves*
copman Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
That was so sweet and funny at the same time. Loved the whole thing, great work!

Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
Hey thannks very much^^
snowywhitewolf89 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
nice twist in the story with Sally getting free and getting payback :)
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
Thanks buddy^^
snowywhitewolf89 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
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MintyMousyXFCE Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
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Man. That evil smile means much trouble.
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