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The afternoon was warm as Tails the Fox was working on something in his working room. Sonic had been doing his daily running across the field as always so Tails was alone in the house but he didn’t mind it.

Tails was working on machinery as usual and he was wearing the protective things he needed so he wouldn’t get hurt.

“There I’m almost done with whatever I’m making,” said Tails.

Just then there was a knock on the door as Tails stopped hammering on his machinery and was heading for the door when he heard the knocking to the door again.

“Hang on I’m coming,” Tails shouted as he opened the door.

To his surprise he couldn’t believe who was standing right in front of the door. It was none other than Wave the Sallow who was holding her board in her right arm and she was covered in dust.

“W-Wave what are you doing here?” Tails asked.

She looked away from Tails like she was too embarrassed to say but she had to say something and not look like an idiot in front of the kid.

“I…I had some malfunctions with my board and I sort of got hurt a little,” said Wave trying to blush. “So I was…wondering if you would…fix my board for me.”

Tails couldn’t believe that Wave of all people would actually want help from him. Tails nodded as he invited Wave into the house. He then had her sit on the couch as he took her board into the garage.

“Don’t worry Wave I should be able to fix it.”

Wave said nothing as she sat down on the couch but when she did Wave gave out a little moan of pain as she sat down. Before Tails closed the door he could hear her painful moan as he closed the door.

Wave just sat on the couch as Tails was working on her board. She was looking around the house and she had to admit the house wasn’t that bad.

“The kid’s got a nice play,” Wave thought to herself.

Just then the door opened as Tails came back with Wave’s board because he had already finished working on her board.

“There I fixed the problem Wave now you’re board should be working right.”

Wave was about to grab her board but then felt pain on her body because of the fall she had with her board. Wave sat down on the couch as Tails sat down next to her.

“Wave that must have been a nasty fall you had with you’re board. I think you should stay here for a while,” said Tails. Wave shrugged as she laid her back on the couch as Tails just stared.

“Hmm there has to be something I can do for Wave. Wait I think I know what I can do for her,” Tails thought.

He then looked at Wave and asked, “Could you turn around for a minute so I can see you’re back Wave.”

“Why would I do…” before she could finish Tails turned her body around so he would be facing her back and then he started massaging her shoulders gently. Wave was going to yell at Tails but she then felt his hands massaging her shoulders which she liked.

“Oh shorty this feels…good,” said Wave softly.

Tails smiled as he continued massaging Wave’s shoulders. He could feel the stiffness she had so he made sure to massage her shoulders gently and not too hard so she wouldn’t feel hurt.

Wave slightly moaned a little as Tails massaged her shoulders. She didn’t want to admit it but Tails was doing such a good job massaging her shoulders she didn’t want him to stop because it felt so good.

Tails massaged her shoulders for right minutes as Wave felt the pain from her shoulders gone. He knew that the pain was gone from Wave so Tails decided to get her back next as he got Wave to lie down on the couch and started massaging her back.

“Oh…yeah,” Wave said softly.

She had never been treated like this before and she loved it. She gave another slight moan as Tails continued massaging her back. While he was massaging her back Tails thought, “Wait what was I thinking?!”

He massaged her back for more than eight minutes as Wave got her back on the couch again and she felt the pain was gone.

“Shorty…I mean Tails could you…could you massage my feet next?”

Tails nodded as he got back on the couch again. He then took Wave’s left foot and removed her red shoe to relieve her bare foot. He then placed his hands on her foot and starts massaging her arches.

“Oh yeah that’s the spot Shorty,” Wave says as she lies on the arm of the couch.

Tails smiles again as he continues to massage the arches on Wave’s left sole. She moans but this time her moans are a little louder as Tails is massaging her arches and she loves it a lot.

He massages her arches for ten minutes as Tails grabs Wave’s right foot, removes her red shoe, and starts massaging her arches there. She moans again as Tails is massaging her arches.

Wave tries her best not to moan a lot but she cannot help it because the massaging that Tails is doing to her arches just feels so good.

Later in the mid-afternoon Tails is done massaging as Wave puts her shoes back on, takes her board, and leaves but before she can Tails asks if she will be ok.

“Of course shorty I can take care of myself you know. And don’t think that massage you gave me feel any better.” With that being said Wave slammed the door but she didn’t leave as she placed her back on the door.

“Aw who am I kidding?!”

She then turned around and opened the door again as Wave tackled Tails to the floor and started kissing him everywhere on his face.

“Oh Tails I loved that massage you gave my body. ThankyouThankyouThankyou,” Wave said as she continued to kiss Tails.

She then lifted him up as she gave him one more kiss and then left giving him a seductive wink. Tails stood like a statue with kiss marks on his face and a happy smile as well as he fell to the floor.
When I did Wave tickle story I just had to do another story with Wave but this time I made it a massage story and Tails wll be doing the massaging to Wave. Enjoy.

Tails and Wave (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
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