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June 15, 2008
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“My it’s such a gorgeous afternoon outside that I think I’ll stay outside,” said Vanilla as she went inside to grab her rocking chair. She placed it by her steps as she sat on her rocking and stared up at the sky. Her daughter Cream was playing with her friend Blaze the Cat so Vanilla was all alone but she didn’t mind. The sky was filled with so many clouds Vanilla thought that the clouds looked cute.

Suddenly she started hearing a strange noise and it was coming her way. “Oh dear I wonder what that could be?” Vanilla saw a plane coming towards her house and saw that it was Tails in his Tornado as he was landing his to the side of Vanilla’s house. “Tails what can I do you for?” Vanilla asked nicely. He scratched his head and asked, “Vanilla could you come with me back to my workshop?”

“Why do you want me to come to you’re workshop?” Tails scratched his again and said, “I need you for an experiment and you don’t need to worry it’s nothing painful.” Vanilla looked at him nicely and said, “Well since it’s not going to be painful I’ll come with you dear.” Tails smiled as he helped Vanilla get onto the Tornado as he started to fly. As they were flying Tails thought, “Even though it’s not going to be painful it’s going to be fun.”

Tails and Vanilla arrived at Tails’s workshop in less than a few minutes since they rode on the Tornado. Tails helped Vanilla off the plane as he took her inside his garage. He flipped the switch light and Vanilla saw a metal table in the middle of the garage. “Tails is that you’re experiment?” Tails nodded as he closed the garage door. “Vanilla I need you sit on the table first.”

She nodded as Vanilla walked over to the table and sat down. “Next I need you to take off you’re ruby shoes and nylons and lay on the table.” Vanilla looked confused but she did as she was told. She took off her ruby shoes and nylons and she lied on the table. “Okay Tails now what?” Tails then pushed a button on his desk as the metal table started shaking.

There were metal cuffs coming out from the table and it had cuffed Vanilla’s ankles, arms, and her wrists. “Tails what are you doing?” He scratched his chin and said, “I told you Vanilla I need you for an experiment which is going to start now.” He pressed another button on his desk as two white hands came out in front of Vanilla’s feet. “Tails what are you going to do…” before she could finish the hands started tickling the upper parts of both her feet.

Vanilla started giggling because she is a very ticklish person so she couldn’t help it. “Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe oh deeearrrreeehehehehehehehehehehe!” Vanilla giggled “Thissssss ticklesssss my feeehehehehehhehehehehehehettttt soooahahahahahaha much!” “It should since you’re feet are so sensitive Vanilla,” said Tails. The hands were now tickling the bottom part of Vanilla’s feet.

“Tailsssssss ahahahahahahahahaha make themmehehehehehehehehehehehe stop!” Vanilla giggled “Turn theehehehehehehehehehehe off ahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Tails pressed the button as the hands went into the metal table. “Ok Tails dear I’m done right?” Tails shook his head as he pressed a different button which made two feathers come out as they were stroking against her feet which made her laugh even harder.


Two minutes passed as Vanilla’s feet were still being tickled as tears were steaming down her face. “TAILSSSSS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MAKKKKEEEEEE IT STAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP PLEASEEEEEE!” Vanilla laughed. Tails pushed it again as the feathers went away. “Don’t worry Vanilla just one more experiment left.” He pushed again as two electric toothbrushes came out.

“Tails please not those types please!” Vanilla begged. But the electric toothbrushes turned on and were brushing against Vanilla’s feet which made her laugh even more. “OH NOOOOOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MOOORRREEEEEEE!” laughed Vanilla “MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Tails looked at her and thought, “You know I could this but I’ll let it continue.”

Vanilla was suffered for five minutes with those electric toothbrushes brushing against her feet. “PLEASE TAILSSSS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAAAANNNNNNN’T TAKKKAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS ANYMOREEEEEEEEE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Tails decided to stop the experiment as he pressed the button to make the toothbrushes stopped.

A few minutes later Tails got Vanilla off the metal table and got her ruby shoes back but decided not to put the her nylons back on since her feet were still sweaty. “Vanilla do you want me to fly you back home?” Tails asked. “No thank you dear I’ll walk.” With that she started walking along the field back home. As Vanilla was walking she thought, “Oh dear next time maybe I should say no to any of his experiments.”
Alright two stories in one day. I wanted to do a tickling story about Vanilla the Rabbit and here it is. Hope you guys like it.

Tails and Vanilla belong to SEGA.
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copman Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
Never trust a smart two tailed fox XD. Nice story ^^.

Quavera-Tava Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
Wow, Loved this. Why don't you make a fanfiction account and post your stories there. Peaple will coment/reveiw you work, more peaple to be more persise. Good jog, you should draw Vanilla being tickled.
xhells-angel09X Featured By Owner May 11, 2009  Hobbyist
im not saying to do any of his experiments anymore!

blaze:HE DID WHAT?!
vanilla: it still tingles and it was an hour ago!
cream: im going to tiggle tails until he crys!
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TheSonicFox Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
Huh, I liked this one a lot.
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
Deathflash93 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
Lol, "Next time maybe I should say no to any of his experiments"

Awesome job, as always
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