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There were puffy white clouds in the sky along with the sun. There was also a nice gently breeze that was blowing in the air in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage was inside her office stamping loads of files on her desk. She let out a sigh as Tsunade moved one of files to the side as she continued stamping.

“Why do I have to keep stamping these files,” Tsunade whined. “I don’t have any free time to do things I want to do and I can’t leave the office because Shizune is standing right out my door.”

Tsunade let out a sigh as she went back stamping the files and she had a lot more files to stamp. This took her about fifteen minutes to stamp the files because there were loads of them. Tsunade placed her stumper to the side of her desk as she started moving her right hand around.

“Damn these stupid files and stamps!”

Just then the door opened as Shizune poked her head inside. “Lady Tsunade how is the stamping coming along with all the files?” Tsunade’s left eyebrow twitched as she looked over at Shizune who let out a small chuckle. “Oh I see you’re still stamping. Well you’d better get back to work Lady Tsunade.”

Twenty minutes passed as Tsunade lied back in her spinning chair as she was now done stamping the files. Just then Shizune knocked on the door as she entered inside to see Tsunade done with the files as she grabbed them with both hands.

“Nicely done Lady Tsunade,” said Shizune as she walked over towards the door. “I’m going to give these files to the higher ups but in the meantime you can relax and enjoy yourself Lady Tsunade.” With that said Shizune opened the door with her heel as she walked out of the room and closed the door on her way out.

Tsunade just lied in her chair as she placed her feet on the desk. Tsunade was done stamping the files for today but she was somewhat tried and her feet were aching so she kicked her black heels off and revealed her bare feet with red painted toenails as she wiggled them slightly.

“Oh yeah much better.”

As she wiggled her toes, Tsunade looked at her feet and had an idea in her mind as a smile grew across her face. “This is the greatest plan I have ever thought of,” Tsunade said snickering. “And I know just the two who are going to do this plan for me…wait scratch that it’s not going to be a plan…it’s going to be a mission.”

An hour later in front of the Hokage mansion, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were walking over towards the mansion. Sasuke wore his blue, short-sleeved shirt with a raised collar and the Uchiha crest on the back with white shorts. Naruto wore his usual orange and blue jumpsuit.

“I wonder what Grandma Tsunade wants with us,” Naruto asked Sasuke.

“How the heck should I know,” said Sasuke as his hands were in his pockets. “Use your brain and figure it out.”

With that said Sasuke started walking up the stairs as a somewhat angry Naruto followed him from behind. Now the two were walking in the hallways of the mansion side by side until they got to the door. Naruto made the first knock on the door but there was no answer so Naruto knocked again but still no answer.

Naruto then just decided to open the door as Sasuke just watched. Now that the door was open both of them walked inside and noticed that Tsunade wasn’t in the room.

“Hey Sasuke what do you think Grandma Tsunade is?”

“Hmph how should I know.”

Just then the door slammed behind the two Genin as they looked to see that Tsunade had closed the door and for some reason locked it as well. “Hey Grandma Tsunade what are you doing out of your chair,” Naruto asked. “And why did you call me and Sasuke here?”

She just smiled as Tsunade walked over and sat down in her chair. What they didn’t know was that Tsunade was walking bare foot. “Naruto, Sasuke I called you both over here…for a mission.”

“Alright a mission,” Naruto shouted as he jumped up and down. “What is it Grandma Tsunade taking down bandits, looking for treasure, taking down a big bad guy?”

She smirked as she placed her bare feet on her desk. “You’re mission…is to worship my feet while using your tongues.” Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes widened as they looked at her bare soles and saw some sweat sliding down her soles. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND GRANDMA TSUNADE?!” Naruto shouted. “NO WAY I’M DOING THAT!”

“I have to agree with Naruto on this one. That’s just disgusting,” said Sasuke in his cool voice.

“I had a feeling you two would say that so I’ve prepared this,” said Tsunade as she put her fingers together. “If you two don’t do this not only will you be sent back to the academy but…” Tsunade cracked her fingers and knuckles. “I’ll hurt the both of you.”

Both Naruto and Sasuke were shaking because even though they were strong they stood no chance against Tsunade’s strength so they had no choice. Both of them walked towards the desk as Naruto kneeled down in front of Tsunade’s left sole as Sasuke kneeled down in front of Tsunade’s right sole.

“Naruto…you ready for this,” Sasuke asked quietly.

“Y-Yeah let’s do it even though I don’t want to,” said Naruto.

“Hey you two less talking more worshipping!”

Naruto and Sasuke flinched up a little bit as the two stuck out their tongues, placed them against the heels of Tsunade’s soles, and started licking up and down her soles very slowly as Tsunade let out a soft relaxing moan. At first the two thought this would be bad but in fact it was kind of good.

“Oh y-yeah…mmmmmmmmmm…that’s right boys keep…mmmmmmmm…licking.”

Naruto and Sasuke licked up and down Tsunade’s soles for about a good six minutes as the two moved their tongues up to her arches and started licking their. Tsunade’s eyes widened as her legs arched up from her desk as she grabbed the sides of her top clothing and let out another relaxing moan.

“MMMMMMmmmmm…that’s the spot…mmmmmmmm…oh yeah…mmmmmmm.”

“Heh looks like Grandma Tsunade likes it,” Naruto thought.

Sasuke just stayed silent as he and Naruto continued licking on her arches and listened to Tsunade’s delightful moans of relaxation. A pink blush appeared across Tsunade’s face as they continued to lick on her arches.

They continued licking on her arches for ten minutes as Naruto and Sasuke both got on top of the desk, placed Tsunade’s feet on their laps, opened their mouths, and started sucking on Tsunade’s big toe. She let out a bigger moan of delightful pleasure as the two ninjas were sucking away at her toes.

“Ooooooooh…ahhhhhhhhhh…oh yes oh yes…mmmmmmmmmm.”

Tsunade lied back in her chair even more as the two continued to suck on her big toes. A few minutes later they opened their mouths as wide as they could and started sucking on all five of Tsunade’s toes as the blush on her face started getting a little bit bigger as she moaned again in delight.

Ten minutes later Tsunade was still moaning and groaning but now to different aspects because now Naruto was licking back on her arches while Sasuke sucked on her toes. She could feel her body feeling very light as she dropped her arms to the side.

“Oh…my…god…mmmmmmmmm…so good…mmmmmmmmmmm.”

An hour later Naruto and Sasuke were down worshipping Tsunade’s feet. Her soles and toes were covered in saliva as Tsunade just stared at them and smiled.

“Not bad boys not bad at all,” Tsunade said with a smile. “You both pass this mission.”

Naruto jumped for joy as Sasuke smirked. “You two can leave now.” With that said Naruto and Sasuke walked out of the room and closed the door on their out. On their way out both of them were smirking as they looked at each other and didn’t say a word.

Meanwhile back in the office, Tsunade just couldn’t get rid of her smile as she stared at her wet feet and wiggled her toes. She then chuckled as she lied back in her chair again as she looked outside to enjoy the rest of her day in the office and in the village.
This actually came to me last week but I completely forgot about it but today I remembered XD. Hope you all enjoy this foot worship story:D

These characters are not mine.
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Good story, TB. But, I wonder if Naruto and Sasuke would pay her back for this? Maybe they would tell Shizune about this?
Thunder-Bolt Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2009

Thanks X3
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