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April 20, 2008
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The sun was shining kind of brightly in the village of Kohana as Tsunade the Fifth Hokage was doing her paperwork with her assistant Shizune standing right by here. “Well Lady Tsunade Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Tenten are back from their mission and are ready to see you,” said Shizune. Tsunade nodded and said, “Let them in Shizune.” Shizune walked to the door as she left the four ninjas in.

All of them were looking calm expect for Naruto who was shaking. “Naruto why are you shaking like that? Did something happen on the mission?” Tsunade asked. “Well…you see…I…uh?” Neji stepped forward and said, “Naruto destroyed half of village with his Rasengan during the mission and while trying to get the robbers.” Tsunade then looked at Naruto with a vain on her forehead.

“C-C’mon it was an accident so I used a little bit of charka to boost my Rasengan I didn’t know it would destroyed half of that village I swear Grandma Tsunade,” said Naruto sacredly. Tsunade continued to stare at Naruto for a while and then said, “Even though you completed the mission Naruto you will receive a punishment.” Naruto moaned when he heard that as he sat on the floor. “The rest of you can leave now.”

Neji, Tenten, and Lee left the room as Naruto sat on the floor. “Now what punishment should I give Naruto?” Tsunade asked in thought. She then had an idea and a smile appeared on her face as she turned back to Naruto. “Uh oh grandma’s smiling I think my punishment is going to be bad,” said Naruto in thought. Tsunade then turned to Shizune and said, “Shizune take Ton-ton and leave the room for a while.”

“But Lady Tsunade why would I want to-” Tsunade then gave Shizune a very angry look and then Shizune took Ton-ton and left the room speedy quick. She then turned back to Naruto and still had a smile on her face. “Oh man what is she planning to do to me?” Naruto said in thought. Tsunade then put her two feet on her desk as she unbuckled her heels and kicked them off her desk.

“Naruto you’re going to worship my feet as punishment,” said Tsunade as she wriggled her toes. Naruto got up fast and said angrily, “And what makes you think I’m going to worship those feet of yours?!” Tsunade smiled and said, “If you don’t worship my feet I’ll beat you to an inch of your life.” When Naruto heard that he immediately grabbed a chair from the room and sat right in front of Tsunade’s feet.

Naruto took Tsunade’s left foot as he started licking the bottom of her sole. He was licking back and forth against her bottom sole and he said in thought, “Man this feels so wrong right now.” As he was licking Tsunade’s left bottom sole she said happily in thought, “I should have had him do this a long time ago.” Naruto licked there for a while and then he started licking up and down Tsunade’s left foot.

As he was licking up and down her sole Naruto started to enjoy licking up and down her sole. Naruto continued to lick up and down her foot for a while since he was enjoying it. “Wow this…this actually feels pretty good,” said Naruto in thought. As Naruto continued to lick up and down her sole Tsunade said in thought, “This feels so good right now.”

Naruto then moved up her foot and then started licking between toes and that’s where Tsunade loved the feeling. It made Tsunade giggle a bit but it didn’t bother her as Naruto was licking between her toes. “Naruto is really good at this. I’m glad I gave him this punishment,” said Tsunade in thought. Naruto on the other was enjoying that he was licking between Tsunade’s toes.

After a couple of minutes had passed Naruto got up from the chair and then put his mouth on Tsunade’s big toe and started sucking on it. As Tsunade’s toe was in Naruto’s mouth he used his tongue to lick her toe. Tsunade giggled a little louder since it tickled but as before it didn’t bother her at all. “Wow I’m really glad that I got this punishment,” said Naruto in thought.

After another couple of minutes Naruto moved on to Tsunade’s right foot and started licking her big toe all around and boy did it feel good. Naruto kept licking her toe for a while and then he started licking up and down her right foot and he liked that part the most. “Naruto you’re too good at this,” Tsunade said in thought as she enjoyed the feeling of Naruto’s tongue’s licking her foot.

Naruto was done worshipping Tsunade’s feet as he got off the desk. “I have to admit Naruto I really enjoyed that foot worship,” said Tsunade. Naruto put his hand on his head and said, “Well um no problem.” Naruto then left the office and when he did Tsunade smiled as she looked out the window. “I really need to punish him more often,” said Tsunade with a smile.
Naruto gets a punishment from Tsunade for accidentely destroying half of a village with his Rasengan but his punishment isn't as bad as he thought it would be. Hope you guys like it.

These characters are not mine.
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When exactly do punishments turn into pleasures? It seems that all the time for Naruto. :D
DanielWickie Sep 17, 2008   Writer
I don't know if I would call that punishment, but it works for me! :D Once again, this story is sweet! Instant :+fav:
Thanks and thaks for faving.
DanielWickie Sep 17, 2008   Writer
You're welcome. Do you think Tsunade will now think of an excuse in the future to get Naruto to worship her feet again?
DanielWickie Sep 17, 2008   Writer
That would be cool. I envy Naruto even more for what he's done, or might do again. :drool:
Great work!


My Naruto Pairings!

NaruSaku,SasuTema,GaaIno,NejiTen, and KibaHina!
No SasuTema!!!! ShikaTema 4 life!!!!
u should get naruto to use his penis and rub it between her toes to make her horny
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